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Listener Buzz V1

Listener Buzz V1

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Listener Buzz V1
Cue Sheet

Each of your 4 voices says each of these phrases.
NOTE: There are some subtle variances on a few cuts to better fit the style of the voice talent.

I love it! All my favorite songs
They get me pumped up on my morning commute
Fewer commercials and way more music
The app makes it easy for me to listen anytime, anywhere
It's the music, plus they get involved in the community
The variety of music is perfect for the commute
The variety of music is perfect at work
The variety of music is perfect after work
The variety of music is perfect for my weekend
The mix is perfect for my commute
The mix is perfect at work
The mix is perfect at night
The mix is just right for my weekend
They're my go-to for new music
New stuff, plus the older songs I love
Great mix of all my jams
The best newer music, and they go way back
All the hits plus stuff you don't hear on other stations
First thing in the morning, they got me in a good mood
It's my music plus they keep me up to date
All my music and the 4 1 1 on my favorite artists
It's like they know exactly what I need to hear

I can always count on 'em to keep my workday moving
Not just one style of music - it's everything I like
The other stations don't play nearly as much music
At home, at work, in the car
Got 'em on all weekend long
Gettin' stuff done, at the gym, chillin' in the yard
By the pool, at the beach, at the BBQ
Around town, on road trips, got 'em on everywhere
My "Summer of 2023" Station
My "Labor Day Weekend" Station
My "Holiday Weekend" Station
I'm crankin' the volume way up
Definitely keep 'em on while I study
Yeah, I was a winner! Your turn next
The hottest giveaways
Keep those prizes comin’
So good, love it

Listener Buzz V1
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Listener Buzz V1

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